Summer Training – 2020/21 Season


Summer training provision is now in place for our teams – see detailed list below.

We have 17 teams training outdoors for the Summer months.

If you have any issues with the start and end dates of your teams training please consult your respective team coach.

under 8S ATHLETIC           KING GEORGE V               SATURDAY 10-11  &  TUESDAY 6-7

under 8S TOWN                   TBC

under 9S UNITED                KING GEORGE V               SUNDAY 10.30 -11.00

under 9S ROVERS               BROADWAY                        SATURDAY 10.30-11.30

under 10S RANGERS         KING GEORGE V               WEDNESDAY 6.30-7.30

under 11S RANGERS           KING GEORGE V               SATURDAY 10.00-12.00

under 11S CELTIC                KING GEORGE V               WEDNESDAY 6.00-6.45

under 12S PUMAS                SHERDLEY                         WEDNESDAY 6.00-7.00

under 12S BEARS                 PARR STOCKS                   TUESDAY 6.00-7.30

under 13S ATHLETIC          KING GEORGE V              MONDAY 6.30-7.30

under 13S UNITED              SHERDLEY                         TUESDAY 6.00-7.15

under 14S                              KING GEORGE V               MONDAY 6.30-7.30

under 15S  UNITED             KING GEORGE V               MONDAY 6.00-7.00

under 15S RANGERS          SUTTON                               MONDAY 6.30-7.30

under 16S                               KING GEORGE V               THURSDAY 6.00-8.00

under 17S                               SHERDLEY                          WEDNESDAY 6.30-8.00



Management Committee

2 comments on “Summer Training – 2020/21 Season

  1. Jack maynard is registered for second team under 15s can you tell me when. They train please
    Can I pass his dads number on too to contact him the details

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