Final Amount Raised – Club Charity Walk


We are pleased to confirm that we raised a total of £2,371.42 for Prostate Cancer UK “Men United” last year when doing our Club Charity ’13 Mile’ Walk.

All sponsorship money has now been received and the total amount raised has been transferred over to the charity.

The “Men United” charity were extremely grateful for the large amount that we raised and have informed us that they would like to do an interview with us, and so hopefully it may appear on their website or in one of their publications in the coming weeks

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the coaches, volunteers, club members and friends who took part in the walk. :-)

It was a fantastic day, full of fun and laughs (and a few beers!) and was obviously for a very worthy cause.

We are aiming to do something similar again this year, and details are still yet to be confirmed.


Management Committee

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